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Szkoła odkrywców talentów

Szkoła wpółpracy


Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących Nr 2
ul. B. Prusa 3
41-303 Dąbrowa Górnicza
telephone/fax: 032 264-25-82, 032 264-14-97


The history of our school reaches back to the school year of 1963 - 64 when III Szenwald Comprehensive School along with 15 Primary School started its activity. For the first two years the school consisted of 11 classes: education lasted 7 and 4 years, respectively. In 1965 contemporary authorities decided on its division and started up two schools headed by two different principals. In 2000 the school was transformed into the Team of Comprehensive Schools no. 2, holding both the three - year high school and comprehensive school.
In 1967 the first maturity exam was conducted and 54 people graduated from the Szenwald. Throughout the next decades the number exceeded 3 thousand.

Being one of the first in the voivodeship, our school was equipped in modern classrooms: physical, biological and chemical one. The introduction of faculty classes ( 1970s ) made it possible to prepare students effectively for future studies. The level of education was also raised through 1974 agreement signed between the Szenwald and the Silesian University, which enabled students to stay in touch with academic teachers or to take part in seminaries, lectures, or classes.

The school remarkable renown can also be confirmed by the fact that every year around 80% of our graduates starts studying at universities or academies. The unique atmosphere of the school itself is created by recollections of its past and present teachers, students, graduates as well as affection, which can be seen during school's succeeding jubilees.


1. Biology-chemistry course.

Aimed at future doctors, dentists, pharmacists, vets, biologists, chemists and cosmetologists, this course offers you the opportunity of expanding your knowledge chemistry and biology – two leading subjects.
Staying in constant touch with the natural environment and the latest technologies, students are prepared to apply for faculties of natural science, particularly medical departments and academies. The core curriculum is designed to shape the way the contemporary human being carries out civilisation’s key and most intricate tasks brought together with the world’s problem of ecology.
During the entire course, students work in a modern laboratory, as well as, biology classroom. They gain the knowledge of different scientific approaches and become professionally skilled at conducting various chemical tests and biological observations. They are also offered to participate in classes organised by the Silesian University ( the Faculty of Analytical Chemistry and Medical Physics ), subject trips and workshops on ecology.

2. IT-maths course.

Are you good at logical thinking? Are you keen on counting or computer programming?
We will help you pass obligatory Matura exam on mathematics with flying colours using the most innovative curriculum. We take care of not only particularly gifted students but also those who are less talented yet zealous to acquire the knowledge on maths and informative technology. Learning with us is the first step into your future career. We are simply excellent at preparing students to apply for economical, IT, technical and pedagogical universities and academies. Student is the most important to us! We offer:
• Brilliantly equipped classrooms, available also after regular classes
• Interesting and inspiring lessons concerning maths and computers
• Fascinating physics curriculum including lectures given by Silesian University professors.

3. Tourist and economic course.

If you’re curious or hungry for knowledge, give yourself a chance and become the student of the course which focuses on geography, English as a leading language and German or Spanish. We will infect you with love of the world and people guiding you through different continents and countries and allow you to acquire the confidence, fluency and proficiency in English, German and Spanish. You’ll see with your own eyes not only problems of the world but also happiness and enthusiasm.
We offer you:
• Professional preparation for Matura exams, elementary and advanced levels
• Achieving language skills giving you the opportunity to function easily on the work market.
• Learning about EU integration
• Participating in subject trips and lectures organised by university professors.
• Using the Internet to create your own virtual tourist company and work out projects concerning the problems of world’s regions or countries
• Planning and conducting an advertising campaign
We give you’re the guaranty of being admitted by many university departments and faculties, such as: language studies, international studies on natural science and mathematics, archeology, the earth’s science, managing hotels, marketing and tourism, ecology, European studies and ethnology.

4. Law and journalism course.

Law? European Studies? History? Polish? Political science? Those subjects are no secrets to adepts of this course. With such skilled teachers you will easily take and pass Matura exam on the leading subjects of history, Polish and English. We focus on preparing our students to:
• aware and active functioning in the society
• cooperate with non profitable organizations dealing with human rights, charity, the handicapped and disabled
• develop creativity by taking part in oxford debates, negotiations and simulations
• edit the school’s magazine and publish their own articles in local papers and on school’s website
• attend lectures given by professors of law faculty and journalism studies
• participate in meetings with IPN activists.